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THE COLONY is an experiment that simulates a post-apocalyptic world in which volunteers are tasked with surviving and rebuilding everything from scratch, using only raw ingenuity and supplies they scavenge from their environment. Here’s your destination to learn more about these bold experiments into a dark future that holds the promise of hopeful regeneration.

Season Two of THE COLONY introduces viewers to a new group of volunteers with differing backgrounds, skills and personalities, to bear witness to how these colonists will survive and rebuild in an urban wasteland on the outskirts of New Orleans. Over the course of 10 episodes, the colonists – who include a construction foreman, teacher, carpenter and auto mechanic – must work to utilize and strengthen their exploration, technology and survival skills in ways they’ve never had to before.

From their initial 72 hour isolation period to the threats of hostile outsiders, see how the colonists respond and use their newfound skills to protect their supplies and lives.

via Colony Central: The Colony: Discovery Channel.


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