Cvet & Rotators company – Mod DB

Our current projects are FOnline Engine and FOnline: 2238.

For more info about the engine and the current projects, please visit the respective profiles: FOnline Engine and FOnline: 2238


FOnline Engine

Updated 6 months ago Released Aug 31, 2010 with a proprietary licence

FOnline Developers are a young creative group determined to recreate the feeling and gameplay of the games Fallout and Fallout 2, pushing it even further…


FOnline: 2238

Updated 8 months agoReleased Aug 14, 2009 Massively Multiplayer

FOnline: 2238 brings you back to the world of Fallout once you knew it, only this time as a MMO-RPG hybrid. Cross the border where the unique game setting…

via Cvet & Rotators company – Mod DB.


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