Developer Game Affiliate Lists

Developer Game Affiliate Lists

The idea behind this is to help connect developers with other developers selling similar games, with the added bonus of the list being up 24/7 – meaning your games could get affiliated and start making more money for you while you’re sleeping

This is a list of all games that are open to be affiliated. Below you’ll find a list of genres, clicking on the lists will take you to any games in that genre that.

If you’d like your game(s) listed, please fill out the form below and either PM me with the information or just post it in this thread and I’ll add it.

Game Template:
Game Name: Ultra Mega Super Shooter
Genre: Action
Description: You fly around and blow things up!
E-Commerce Service: BMT Micro(Vendor ID)

Total Games: 57

Strategy Games
Role Playing Games
Casual Games
Simulation Games
Puzzle Games
Adventure Games
Action Games
Sports Games
Card Games

How to affiliate games:
Below are short instructions, for each of the different E-Commerce,
on how to find the games.

Search for games using the Vendor ID #.

Search for games using the game’s title.


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