Slamdance and Guerilla Game Maker Competition

Slamdance Independent Film Festival

By Filmmakers, For Filmmakers

Born out of REJECTION, Slamdance showcases new and emerging independent artists, filmmakers and storytellers.

It all began when a group of cheerful, subversive filmmakers weren’t accepted into the Sundance Film Festival. Unwilling to take “no” for an answer, they instead started their own event – Slamdance: Anarchy in Utah. 18 years later, Slamdance has become a year-round organization fostering the development of unique and innovative filmmakers. The organization now consists of the Film Festival, Screenplay and Teleplay Competition and Slamdance Studios.

Indepreneur’s Insights…

Great concept and all but if the fellow subversive documentary film maker and Guerilla Game Maker Danny Ledonne was ousted from the annual Slamdance Guerilla Gamemaker Competition how independent and “subversive” can they be, honestly. 😛

Danny Ledonne by the way is quite the interesting character. He was inspired to create a documentary film called “Playing Columbine” after all the mainstream media hype and controversy over a game he created using RPG Maker 2000 which he gave the attention grabbing title “Super Columbine Massacre RPG!

Now if that isn’t the epitome of Guerrilla Game Making I don’t know what is. Anyway, the game itself was terribly misunderstood as are most things covered by mainstream media, but his documentary succeeded where the game failed to make a statement about the age old argument ‘life imitates art’ and the crowd that has been trying to condemn video games using guilt by association with real mass murderers.

I’m old enough to remember a time before computerized role-playing-games when we had to use our imaginations to play with dice and pen and paper as our only visual aides, and sometimes figurines. Pretty much the same sorts of people used the same kinds of arguments back then against fantasy role-playing-games like Dungeons and Dragons.

Propaganda Pamphlet "Dark Dungeons" by Jack Chick

The Columbine murderers were big fans of the classic FPS game Doom and even created their own mods for it.  And actually their modding ability wasn’t half bad. They were seriously fucked in the head and probably should have been in straight-jackets but they also had some other part of their brain working just fine to be able to design quality levels for a 3d game.

Or are you one of those who thinks soley in terms of associations too? So since they were great game modders and were psychos then by association all game modders must be psychos, right? Well that is basically the same thing as saying the Psychos who murdered all those kids were avid fans of Doom, so anyone who plays Doom becomes Psychos mass murderers. Isn’t that pretty ridiculous?

I mean do you even realize just how freakin popular Doom was? Do you!? Gee, it only started a whole revolutionary gaming industry that is now worth billions upon billions of dollars! Yeah, Doom was probably one the most played games of the century. Millions and millions of people around the world have played it by now! Is there an epidemic of kids shooting people now? Maybe in the inner-city schools where most of the kids are too poor to own a computer! 😛

I think the statistics will easily prove my point because if there were a real direct correlation between violence in video games and actual violence it would have been painfully obvious by now so many years after Doom [which by the way was about slaying hell spawned demons – what could be more Christian than that!?] Oh and by the way there have been a hundred other far more violent, far more realistic games to come out since Doom.

Anyway, couldn’t a case be made based on the movie A Clockwork Orange that children raised on stories from the Old Testament are more prone to violence than those raised on the New Testament? So by that logic all Jews should be held suspect for being more inclined towards Clockwork Orange type behavior like beating up old people, raping, murdering and general hoodlum mayhem than Christians are. Hmm, wait a second… Well what do you know. The killers were Jewish! 😮

But seriously folks, I am merely pointing this out as a cautionary tale against being too quick to draw associations and jumping to conclusions. The blame should be placed solely on the shooters themselves. They’re motive for killing clearly had nothing to do with playing video games.

In fact I think the game, if anything, was the only thing that kept them from killing sooner. They were going to do it eventually one way or another but the game allowed them to vent a little for a while.  Apparently Doom wasn’t enough to satisfy them.  [One wonders though how they came to associate the demons in the game with Christians… when I played it I actually associated them with some mutated experiment conducted by scientists of a now extinct martian civilization like in the movie Alien]

Perhaps an argument could be made that the game wasn’t violent enough! Perhaps if they had played one of todays even more realistic and even more violent games they’re blood-thirst would have been satiated and they would have had no need to go on a real killing spree! How bout them apples?


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