PARPG – short for Post-Apocalyptic RPG

PARPG [Post-Apocalyptic RPG] is an isometric 2D roleplaying game inspired by genre classics of the golden age of 2d RPGs such as Fallout, Arcanum and Planescape: Torment, while being set in post-nuclear Scandinavia.
It’s the undertaking of an independent development team to create an old school isometric RPG in the spirit of the aforementioned games while offering the game itself and all tools created for it as free download. The complete sourcecode of the game and tools as well as of all assets (maps, graphics, text, music, etc.) are released under open source licenses. PARPG is written in Python, utilizing the open source game engine FIFE:
“We feel that spreading the word about the project is more important than to present any perfect polished eye candy, especially considering the open source nature of PARPG and the chance to attract additional contributors due an increased publicity.”

== Contact ==

The project manager of PARPG can be reached at

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